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The Kokoda Trail runs through extremely challenging terrain. While you're on the trail, your safety and comfort depend a great deal on your physical fitness. Our ten-day treks move at a slower pace and are ideal for families and older trekkers. Our nine-day treks are recommended only for fitter, more experienced trekkers.

It is therefore important that all trekkers have, at the very least, the basic level of fitness to walk the Kokoda Trail. You must be reasonably to very fit, with very good endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Kokoda Trail Expeditions will help you get fit with its Kokoda Trek Fitness Plan, when you book to trek with us.

We will email you a copy of the "Kokoda Trek Fitness Plan'' when we recieve confirmation that you will be trekking with us.

See our Kokoda Treks page for further details about each trek.


Kokoda Trek Fitness Plan

You’ll want to incorporate cardiovascular and endurance fitness training into your exercise regimen. We recommend you start training at least ten weeks before going on one of our treks. Once you sign up for a trek, you’ll receive an e-copy of our Kokoda Trek Fitness Plan almost immediately, so you can begin your physical preparartions.

In the future, the fitness plan will be available for download on our website.

It is important that you adhere to your fitness plan and monitor your fitness levels during your preparations. If you in doubt, speak to us or consult a personal trainer for advice.

Can I do the Kokoda Trek?

Kokoda Trail has been completed by a wide range of people, ranging from the young to the very old, extremely fit to the physically-challenged, novices to trekking experts, and footballers to paralympians. Even individuals over 70 have successfully trekked it with Kokoda Trail Expeditions. If they did it, you can too. 

If you are determined, train well and believe in yourself, you should have no problems completing the trek. Have the courage, help each other as mates, keep going, even if you feel down and out, and sacrifice all that you have just to finish the trek, and you should finish point. Our friendly Guides and Porters will trek and support you every course of the way, and you won't thank them enough when you cross the finish triumphantly.

The table below is a guide on the level of intensity for the type of trek so you can choose what is suitable for you.

Length Level of Intensity Suitable for:
9 day Treks
very tough
Very fit people who want to do the standard trek
day Treks
fairly tough
Fit people who want to learn a little bit more during their trek
3-6 day Tours
zero- minimal
Families, groups, schools, older people, people with a minor medical condition but doctor's clearance, plus anyone else wanting to take their time, learn more about the trail and connect with nature.

Remember, you also have the option to hire a personal porter to carry your backpack so you only have to carry a small day-pack or camel pack while walking.

During the trek, if you ever start to feel faint or exhausted, always alert your Guide so you can stop, take a rest, and the guide will assess your health status. Communication is the key to a safe and successful Kokoda Trail trek, so never feel shy about letting your Guide and Porters know how you're feeling.


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