Communications in PNG & on the Kokoda Trail

You’ll spend two nights at the 4-star Holiday Inn in Port Moresby, a day before your trek and tour begins, and on the last day it finishes. The hotel has all amenities including television, telephone, internet access, and airport shuttle service. The costs for telephone and internet are not included in the cost for your trek and tour, and are at your own expense.

Kokoda Trail – Satellite Phones, VHF Radios, and Mobile Communications

The Kokoda Trail is located in a remote jungle area of the rugged Owen Stanley Range in Papua New Guinea, where normal radio and mobile communications are non-existent. Regardless of the limitations imposed on communications by the terrain, Kokoda Trail Expeditions has communications in these areas, using the latest and state-of-the-art satellite phones. We maintain communications with our office in Sydney, Australia, on a daily basis, for situational updates, to report on the progress of our treks and tours, coordinate resupply, initiate emergency evacuations,  and keep everyone informed, including staff, trekkers, and their families. We also carry VHF radios and mobile phones, as an alternative means of communications and backup.

Communications is a vital enabler for Kokoda Trail Expeditions Kokoda Trail treks and PNG tours. Because, we rely on good communications for the operations and administration of our treks and tours, our treks and tours will not depart without firstly having communications.

We also give our trekkers an opportunity to call home, midway along the Kokoda Trail.

We will also be introducing a new feature soon, called 'Follow Our Trips' This will be daily Facebook and Twitter posts, updates, and quirky stories, over satellite wifi, so your families, loved ones, friends, and colleaques, can follow your adventure along the Kokoda Trail in PNG.

Mobile communications is only available at certain high features along the Kokoda Trail. Let us know if you want to use your mobile phone on the trail. Our Guides and Porters know where these areas.

Mobile coverage with most telecommunication companies including Optus and Telstra is possible in PNG, but make sure you enable global roaming on your mobile service.

Kokoda Track Authority also has a VHF radio network, that keeps track of our Kokoda Trail treks, to ensure everyone is safe.



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