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What You Need for Your Trek & Tour


We can supply our trekkers with a 65-70 litre backpack if required, a two-man dome tent, and a free Kokoda trekking t-shirt and cap, to trek the Kokoda Trail, and tour Papua New Guinea. These are included in the cost for your trek and tour. We also prepare and cook all trek meals, and provide survival gear for the Kokoda Trail. Your tent and backpack will be carried by a food and equipment porters. 

What You Should Bring

  • A travelling bag with your clothes and gear
  • A backpack if providing your own (unless you want to hire a backpack for $99)
  • A day pack if hiring a personal porter
  • Gatorade or Powerade powdered drink
  • A lightweight sleeping bag / bivvy bag
  • Ground foam or Inflatable mat and pillow
  • Hydration/camel pack or water bottles
  • Durable plastic garbage bags to keep gear dry
  • Torch and spare batteries
  • Good hiking or military boots
  • Metal hiking poles (You have the option to bring one or two poles)
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Purifying tabs
  • Camera, mobile phone, charger and any other personal items
  • Toilet roll and toiletries
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Clothing, including two sets for trekking, one for cold weather and one for sleepin
  • Plate, cup, knife, fork, and spoon

We urge you to bring the bare minimum on your trek and to keep the weight of your backpack between 10-15kg if carrying your own pack.

Please refer to the Checklist section of this website for a complete list of all other items to bring on your trek and tour, and things to arrange before you leave.

Food and Equipment Porters

Food and Equipment Porters are allocated for every Kokoda Trail trek. These porters carry up to 20kg of food and equipment, including trek rations, cooking utensils, two-man dome tent, camping, and survival gear. A Food and Equipment Porter does not carry personal gear, which is the responsibility of a Personal Porter. If you have doubt about carrying your own backpack for the duration of the trek, we advise that your hire a Personal Porter.

Personal Porters

A Personal Porter will carry your backpack while you carry a small daypack, or a hydration pack. A Personal Porter has the added safety responsibility of walking by your side, and making sure you don't fall on your backside. He is also responsible for setting up and dismantling your tent. When you hire a personal porter, you are aiding the local community, who rely on tourism money for their livelihood. The cost for a Personal Porter is extra. Am Own Personal Porter is $379 per person, and Shared Personal Porter between 2 people is $249 per person.   

Guesthouses and Campsites

You will spend some nights at village guesthouses and others at jungle campsites. Our Porters will help setup your tent at these campsites, and arrange your bed at these guesthouses for the night. All campsites and guesthouses will toilets, a fireplace, kitchen, and water for washing, cooking and drinking. You must purify your water before consumption.

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