Payment Plan

Payment Plan by Instalments

You can pay by installment if you wish to. We offer a 3 months payment plan for those who want to pay using this means.

  • 3-Month Payment Plan - Pay six fortnightly instalments over three months.

Payments must be completed one month prior to your trek date to allow time for trek and tour administrative arrangements to be finalised.

Refer to the example below on how to pay, and the Prices Page for further information.

Example - 3 Months Payment Plan

  Amount to be Paid
Three Month Payment Plan
(Six Fortnightly Payments)


  $3,500.00 $583.33  

Tailored Treks

We also tailor treks for:

  • Those that can't trek according to our Departure Dates;
  • Those with special requirements like film crews or research teams.

Please contact us if you need to pay by installment.

Prices and Packages

Our treks start from a low A$2700
With our 10% off extra person discount.

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