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Kokoda Trail Expeditions' guides share expert knowledge of the area's history, culture and ecosystems. They're also outdoor safety experts certified in Wilderness First Aid and equipped with the latest in survival gear and mobile communications technology. With our guides, you be on the safest adventure of a lifetime.

Our Australian Guide, Daniella Attard, actively seeks personal and mental challenges that aid her personal development. Her hardwork, confidence, and passion for travel and diverse cultures make her the perfect military history guide.

Daniella brings a wealth of relevant outside experiences to her treks. Before joining Kokoda Trail Expeditions, she worked as a graphic designer, an insurance sales claims officer, a Reservist in the Australian Army, and an English teacher.

Daniella developed her leadership, teamwork, and soldiering skills as an air dispatcher with the 176th Air Dispatch Squadron. She then put those skills to work leading small tour groups through the Blue Mountains before taking several teaching positions abroad with NGOs. Through those positions, she taught English, as well as health and hygiene, and visited 14 different countries, including Peru and Mongolia.

Currently, Daniella is combining her passions, leading treks for Kokoda Trail Expeditions while she earns her B.A in Education from the University of Canberra.

Some of our Australian guides, have served with the Australian Defence Force, and provide detailed insights into the Kokoda Campaign, the battles of the beachheads at Buna, Gona, and Sanananda; including Midway, Coral Sea, Milne Bay, and the Solomons, which have had a cumulative effective on the outcome of the war in the Southwest Pacific in WW2; and the environment, topography, and it's inhabitants; all determining how the battles were fought in the grand theatre of the Owen Stanley Range.

Local PNG Head Guide, Tony Ewari possess intimate, expert knowledge of the Kokoda Trail than runs far deeper than military history. His respectful and caring nature sets trekkers at ease while his hardwork and reliability on the trail ensure you get the most out of your trek.

A native of Oro Province, Tony has worked as a trek guide since graduating from high school in 1999. Before joining our team he lead tours of the area for Northern Distractions and Kokoda Trekking Ltd. He has also led treks for local and international NGOs, charities, and private groups including Oil Search and the Sydney Rotary Club.

Tony's experience and knowledge have been invaluable additions to Kokoda Trail Expeditions. As a guide and porter for Kokoda Trail Expeditions, Tony has completed nearly 70 treks.

DSCF1250 - Copy Not only is Local PNG Head Guide and Senior Porter, Arthur Danny (left) extremely popular in the local communities, he's also fluent in written and spoken English. His combinations of friendliness, maturity, toughness and caring makes trekking a joyful experience.

Arthur comes to us from Kagi, located on the Kokoda Trail in Central Province, and has been involved in trekking since graduating from high school in 2005. Before joining Kokoda Trail Expeditions, he worked for several major trekking companies, including South Pacific Tours, Executive Excellence, Kokoda Culture and No Roads Expeditions. He knows the trail like the back of his hand, having completed over 40 treks across the Kokoda Trail.

One of Arthur's main responsibility, apart from being a guide, is to coordinate and manage the other porters on the trek, ensuring your safety and comfort on the trail. Trained in Basic and Wilderness First Aid, he will assist any of our guides who might need a hand.

Meet Arthur on one of many highly fancied, and affordable locally guided PNG led Kokoda treks, and be in for an enjoyable, historically informative, and absolute adventurous challenge.

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